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comilla comilla Clavijo Castle is located at the heart of the DOCa Rioja, just six kilometres from our winery. A crossroads of valleys, rivers and mountains where the Continental, Mediterranean and Atlantic climates have coexisted since time immemorial, moulding a unique landscape that is ideal for growing grapes.
Its battlements mark the edge of the Sierra del Camero Viejo and open the doors to the valley that holds
the major part of the region’s vineyards. From here you can see the three different sub-areas of the DOCa Rioja: Rioja Alta and its blue mountain contour; Rioja Alavesa with its yellowish, limestone soils; and Rioja Baja with its flint stones and red hues. It is a landscape full of diversity, where Rioja’s indigenous varieties, led by the delicate Tempranillo,
find the most suitable terroir for growing.